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Osho Pulsation: The Weekend is a weekend to have a first taste or to dive back into the neo-reichian work that frees up and celebrates our natural vitality, surrounded by the magical atmosphere of Miasto and supported by the daily Osho Meditations. By allowing both outward expression and expansion with active bodywork and an inner relaxation, a deep let-go in silence and meditation, where trust is felt as a welcoming-in of life.

Three days to reconnect with the body, beginning to discover and to let go tensions not anymore needed, to intensify the flow of vital energy. An “anti-stress weekend” to be able to return to the daily life unburdened and regenerated.

In the following four days, for those deciding to stay longer, we will keep on exploring breathing and movement to open the body to a more profound energy flow inside. As we enter inwards, feelings and emotions that have been too long repressed begin to move and express, frozenness on many levels begins to melt.

Along the educational and experiential offer given by the Pulsation Training, there is the chance to join just for the weekend introducing each scheduled module.

Each “Pulsation Weekend” is unique in its experiences and topics, then deepened in the following days with the staying participants.



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