Between Water and Sound: Silence




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In the gentle and loving embrace of water, and through the vibrations of sound, we can meet and recognize our Essence, in a profound inner listening.

In our nature, we are water. We live on a planet that is mostly made of water. We came into the world from a womb filled with water. Our energy and our emotions are carried in our being through the water of our body. Through meditation, we observe and listen to the state of our water and of our emotions. When our water is rough, cloudy or polluted and when it is quiet, clear, crystalline, when the water is clear, our life resonates with this purity. In this time of great global change, through sound, we have the opportunity to transform our daily life.
In this course, we dive into the infinite nature of water, connecting to the vastness of the creative potential that is inside each of us, and to honor it through sound.

An opportunity for deep relaxation and connection, immersed in warm water at 36 degrees in the splendid space of Sagar. A synergy between gentle movements, stretching, energetic and body work, nourished by the vibrations of sound and voice, in the free expression of everyone’s inner world. States of absolute peace and letting go into trust will alternate with emotions of joy, well-being, and celebration.

The work in water is nourished and integrated with an immersion in sounds, which will make every cell of our being dance and harmonize, giving us a sense of belonging to the whole in the heart’s radiance. A sound bath is a journey through space (Spirit) and time (Body). This journey into Sound will touch every part of your being through the portal of the senses, bringing your body the nourishment it needs and your soul what it knows. Hear, receive, and expand your world through the power of sound.

Three days between water and sound. An opportunity to be seized, savored and enjoyed, a precious gift to celebrate life.



Rabamashi grew up in a small Swiss village, with a deep connection to nature and its elements. ...