Healing Dance Introduction




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A weekend dedicated to those who want to have a first approach to this form of aquatic bodywork.

Over time “on the ground” you will learn the principles and applications of Healing Dance as well as the terminology, communication and anatomy related to the support of the head and pelvis.

In the water you will have a direct experience of Healing Dance through a mini session. Here you will be taught the basic principles of aquatic technique, such as the ability to feel the weight and the breath of the recipient, support, do traction, be rooted in static positions and bring the partner into flow with shifts in weight and movements.

You will learn a simple sequence with a beginning and a completion.
You will discover how it is natural to share aquatic work and how it can open up a new dimension in relating.
You will be given a written and photographic manual and an audio file of the sequence.



Sambhava, after becoming a practitioner of Watsu® and Healing Dance® she specialized in working on...