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Kyo Osho Zen an intense meditation retreat inspired by the traditional Zen, this group was born as an invitation from OSHO to Prashantam after his staying in Japan.
For months Osho has taken care of the development of Prashantam’s work in the Kyo, giving suggestion and techniques.
The retreat is structured with precise and rigid timings all along the 24 hours of the day, that include rituals, moment of working-meditation to give an opportunity to experiment the awareness in every simple act, technique of artistic expression and body movement.

The intensity and the totality to whom the participants are invited has basically the purpose to make clear how the mind is playing game to sabotage our energy flows again and we are able to experiment a new opening and an expansion. During the retreat that is happening in a limited and commune space – far away from the comfort that we usually looking for – the participants are requested to be in silence (that means no communication) and are completed isolated from the outside (also the phone contacts are excluded). During the retreat there will be a strict, light and cleansing diet.
Previous experience of meditation are requested.



Prashantam, Josè Miguel Pereira De Matos, was born in Portugal in 1949 and received initiation from...