Meeting the Inner Child is a online workshop with Shakura March 31st – April 5th 6 consecutive meetings from 6 to 9 p.m. CET. In this workshop we will meet the child we have been.

With different exercises we will begin a process of understanding and healing the wounds that have been inflicted on us and that are still within and that damage our lives.

We will meet the child at different ages, from 6/7 years, going backwards to the infant.
We will learn to accept this part of us and to love it.

Reconnecting with our inner child makes us feel whole again, at home, and allows essential qualities such as innocence, vitality, sensitivity, joy, passion for life to re-emerge.

Cost of the workshop € 210,00 + € 18,00 membership card

How to pay :

  • Bank transfer to Istituto Osho Miasto – Banca Etica IBAN IT63S0501802800000011764156
  • Through PayPal – specifying the email address:

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