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Accessing cellular memories allows you to bring a deep cleansing and healing to relationship issues: relationship with intimacy, with nourishment, with abundance, and with certain ideas we have about ourselves.

Through the careful guidance of Upadhi you will be able to explore your experience of the nine months in the womb. When you were one with your mother, you went through various situations that remained in the memories of your cells, generating a program within you.

For example, sometimes your mother will have been in gratitude, sometimes in discomfort, sometimes in tiredness and many external situations have influenced her perception. When there is stress and tension in the mother, the fetus can absorb stress and tension; when there is relaxation and love, the fetus can receive relaxation and love; in addition of course to physical nourishment.

Emotions and thoughts that the fetus receives are concentrated and distributed in the body, in the form of physical tensions, or blocks in which vital energy is trapped and stops circulating freely. To access these subtle memories, let them emerge, bring attention and healing, we will immerse ourselves in a delicate and protected atmosphere using experiential group techniques, OPH® energy techniques, meditations and inductions, irradiation through Aurosoma and OPH® Memory Access sessions.

This exploration brings a deep relaxation into the dynamics of judgment, an understanding of their functioning and a disidentification from old patterns of thought, emotion and behavior. You will feel again your connection with life, with nature and with that sense of joy that gives lightness, taste and simplicity to everyday life.