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Opening Your Heart to Yourself ONLINE is a path to experiencing the healing qualities of the heart. A series of three online meetings with Alvina, from 6.00pm to 9.00pm, for three consecutive Fridays:

February 26th

March 5th

March 12th

Opening your heart to yourself, others, to nature, and to life, is perhaps the most beautiful and profound experience a person can have. The heart brings a loving radiance into your life and into the lives of others, and from the heart a connection to your inner being and center naturally happens.

Sometimes it can happen that the heart feels hurt, for example if something painful happens in your life; if someone rejects you or if you lose a person you care about; if you judge yourself or think you are not good enough; or perhaps if you feel bad or guilty about something you said or did. Feeling hurt can make it difficult to open your heart again. Not being connected to the loving, peaceful, and safe atmosphere of the heart can make you feel lonelier and more insecure; your life may feel like a burden and you can even lose your ability to trust.

The miracle is that the heart in its essence cannot be hurt or broken. Just like the body has the capability to heal itself when it gets hurt, the heart has an intrinsic ability to heal all disturbances, imbalances, and wounds.

The heart has many beautiful qualities that heal, and let go, and open the heart again.

Here some examples:

  • Love – embraces you as you are, even if you feel disturbed or hurt. Receiving love from your heart feels good. Love heals judgment and rejection of yourself and others and you become whole again.
  • Compassion – you realize that it’s human and OK to not be perfect. You open your heart to yourself with tenderness and acceptance.
  • Valuing – recognizing what’s beautiful and essential and growing in you. Valuing yourself heals self-criticism, and opens you to your own uniqueness and beauty. Valuing makes it possible to recognize what’s really important to you and how to have this in your life.
  • Forgiveness – forgiving yourself or others even a little bit heals old wounds and guilt. Forgiving is a letting go of the past and opens the beauty and power of being present to this moment.
  • Gratefulness – recognizing what you are already receiving – from others, from life, from your own heart and being. Gratefulness opens your heart wide, heals contractions and feelings of not being or having enough, and expands your receptivity tremendously. With gratefulness you recognize how much more there is to receive in every moment of your life.

In our classes we meet in a loving and gentle atmosphere, bringing light, healing and opening to your heart by connecting to these beautiful qualities inside.

In practical meditation exercises you learn ways to connect to your heart in any moment you wish and heal hurt or imbalances that may be there.

Opening Your Heart is for anyone who wants to connect deeper to their heart, their center and being. Even if you don’t have painful issues at this time, “Opening Your Heart to Yourself” is a healing, nurturing, enriching, and heart-opening experience that inspires a lasting and life-long love affair with your heart and your being. We welcome you!

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