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Satori is an intensive awareness retreat. The retreat starts with the existential zen koan Who am I? A koan cannot be answered , It can only be realized through our own direct experience of being.

Once we recognize our being, we can dive into the core of many other aspects of being. Koans like : What is life? What is love? What is truth will guide you deeper and deeper into the mystery of your being and away from ego identification.

The aim is to recognize ourselves beyond the mind, which allows for a shift from personality to being, which is the core of all the work we ever do. Therefore Satori is not a therapy group nor is it aimed at changing or fixing yourself. Rather an invitation to return to your true nature and see the falseness of that which you have been trying to change or fix your whole life. This is a five day very powerful silent retreat in which all your basic needs will be taken care of so you can dedicate yourself completely to the quest in a safe environment.

Satori is an adventure beyond the mask of personality
A meditation in action
A challenge to know the truth
An invitation to be who you truly are
An essential holiday from your mind
A celebration of your being
A question that can be answered only experienced
Come and be transformed.



Kapil Nino Pileri is a Holistic Counselor Trainer Supervisor enrolled in the register of the trade...