The Power of The Heart




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Dance Alchemy

The Power of the Heart is a course in which your heart can express feelings and energies that have been buried within. To express parts of us which are longing to become alive. 

When you are in touch with your life force, you can quickly and easily transform difficulties and make room for meditation. The alchemy of transformation can really change your life!

When you connect to the emotions held in your body, without judgment or without the will to want to fix and change things, but with love and presence, things already start to transform, a certain alchemy starts to happen.

In this course through the alchemy of transformation and the power of the heart you can awaken our inner being and make room for meditation.

It is an exploration of the body through dance, which takes place in a playful way. In a delicate atmosphere of heart acceptance, old fears, illusions and blocks that limit the ability to open up, express oneself and share will be dissolved. As you nurture the connection to your inner center you learn to enjoy your renewed energy.

This course is also part of the first module of the “Dance Alchemy – Body based transformational therapy” training.



Maneesha Mc Clure was trained in dance and dance therapy in the USA. In 1973 she became a disciple...