Breath and Centering in the Heart and Hara

//Breath and Centering in the Heart and Hara
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Insecurity the way we have experienced the corona situation in the last weeks plus limited contact is a big challenge for our nerves system and our psyche. It brings up mental and emotional fear triggered by an existential threat.

In this one day event we will get an understanding how insecurity and no-contact effects our nerves system and more important, we will use the breath learning to stay grounded and rooted in strength, love and trust as noticeable essential energies within.

Breathing is a great tool to stay in the moment connected with oneself, releasing fear, grounding life energy in the vital qualities of the Hara and the Heart.

When we open the power of the hara in us through the breath, we connect into an inner attitude of power, strength, stillness and centering. We are rooted in the centre of our life force, our inner centre.

From here it is a natural step to direct this energy into the heart. The heart is the centre of love, the love within self-love and the love of others.