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//Body Intelligence: Dance Alchemy Class
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Body Intelligence: Dance Alchemy Class Online is a dance event with Maneesha. Two afternoons, on Friday, 12 and 19 February, from 6pm. to 9pm. The body knows and it tells us exactly what is happening.

“They have uprooted you from your feeling part; they have made you hung up in your head. Now you don’t know how you feel; that’s why you cannot trust your feelings and you always have to look to somebody to tell you what to do… […]  You have life bubbling inside you. The spring is there, the source is there. Go in. I can tell you how to go in, I can teach you the devices for going in, but take your commandments from there. There is a Bible inside you – the real book, the Veda, the real knowledge”. OSHO

The body has an innate capacity to heal itself, physically, emotionally, mentally and energetically. In this head-oriented society, you have been turned away from this innate wisdom, and taught to trust thoughts, mental processes, rather than to enter your own body and heart.

You have been ‘uprooted from your feeling part”, “hung up in your head”. Want to learn to trust your own system, to get your commandments from within?

Listening to the body means taking that step of risking to feel, to wait, to listen, receiving information and insight, and the awareness of how to respond in the moment instead of reacting  in life.

And since every feeling transforms through this listening presence, you are left with it’s essence; compassion, self-love, courage, aliveness, understanding, love, strength, joy – the diamonds we came here to receive.

Dance Alchemy is a body based somatic therapy, yet based on the transforming power of Osho’s vision of Zorba the Buddha – aliveness and meditation.

In this workshop we enter the joy and miracle of this body that has been given to us. In this Dance Alchemy workshop, you can begin to feel, trust yourself, enjoy, and move easily into meditation.

Through free expressive dance, heart opening and healing processes, and lots of fun, we re-discover the body’s natural ability transform negative emotions, release traumas, and find the pearl in every difficulty that life brings.

This is the time to take what Osho has given us and use it in our lives, to go beyond the madness of the mind. Let’s do it together!!

The participation fees include a minimum contribution and are fully paid to Miasto as support. You decide how much to donate based on what you feel is right and your availability.

Contribution for the two events  € 20.00 + €. 18,00 for the 2021 membership card. Please specify date and title of the event.

How to pay:

  • Bank transfer to Istituto Osho Miasto – Banca Etica IBAN IT14C0501802800000016934374
  • Through PayPal – specifying the email address: 

Upon receipt of payment we will send you a personal email with the specific link to participate in the event, together with any more precise details relating to the event. 

Info & booking: or +39 0577 960124 – +39 0577 960133


“This is the map to turn you on, and to turn you in, and to turn you beyond. The first thing is the body… First you are the body. The body is your basic truth, so never be against the body…Your body is your temple”. OSHO