Family Constellation on Relating and Trauma

//Family Constellation on Relating and Trauma
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Relating and Trauma Constellation is an online event with Siddho and Anurag. One day dedicated to explore the unconscious dynamics which keep us bonded to our family system.

21st Feb from 9.30 am until 5.30 pm

We will discover how much the blind love which links us to our original systems can be the cause of a disfunctional relationship. Also our childhood traumas can be at the base of relating difficulties either with the partner or in job situations.

Bringing light and understanding to what drives us in a mechanical way, opens the door to awareness and awakeness of your real self.

During the day there will be guided meditations, constellations and space for questions and anwsers. Participants will be represented in the constellations so that everyone has the opportunity to actively participate.

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“… and this will be your way: the path of love and friendliness. Hence go flooding the whole world of love and frienship. There is no need for anything else. And once you start feeling compassion, love and friendship, you’re going to start flowering.” OSHO