Freedom to be Yourself

//Freedom to be Yourself
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Osho Miasto &  Integral Being Institute present

Freedom to be Yourself  – online course on the Inner Judge

led by Avikal Costantino in English

4 modules of 3 hrs each on Zoom

June 21st – July 5th   12th  19th

Usa 6.00 p.m


As soon as you wake up the first thing that appears it’s him : your inner judge! It appears as a judgement , a worry, a pressure to do something, a blame towards yourself for something that you have done or just thought. The inner judge is that presence that prevents you to feel at peace with yourself, with what you are and with your experience in the present moment. It is constantly engaged in criticizing, evaluating, judging, comparing and commenting your experience, yourself and whatever is around you.

In these four modules we will explore:

  • origins and functions of the Inner Judge
  • inner dialogue and reactivity
  • conscious defences against the attacks of the judge

For bookings : – +39 0577960133