Moumina in the 70’s studied dance and body therapy in London.

In 1977 she decided to go to India, pulled from a very strong attraction. In London, she felt so fascinated form a dance performance that she decides to leave to learn Indian dances in the Kalakshetra Fine Arts College of Madras, India.

In a very unexpected and non planned way (this is how things happen in India), mysteriously she arrived in Pune.

When she arrived in Osho’s Ashram she immediately felt in the place she’s always dreamt of for all her life.  She decided to not go back to the dance school and stayed there in the Ashram. She starts meditating and participating to all the possible workshops.

Seeing that the people at the Ashram were transforming and becoming more and more free, she started desiring to become an assistant in workshops. In those times she was not at all desiring to become a therapist, because she believed it was too difficult.

Hence she started a long bodywork training. At the end of the training Osho called her as a therapist. It was the time of the Human Potential Movement, in which Osho wanted many people to get rained and specialized to spread his work. And therapists form all over the world came, especially from California, London and Germany. It was an incredible explosion of new ways of working with people.

At the end of her job as assistant, Moumina has been chosen as one of the people to get trained. For five years she attended many workshops and trainings as assistant and at the same time she was trained as therapist in all different methods. It was an extremely rich period.

While she was getting trained, a deep understanding grew gradually of wanting to help people. At 24 years old, in one of the many Osho Communes in London, she started her job as groupleader, supported by other 12 colleagues. So the trust grew. Not only in herself, but also in the space that Osho was creating in many of us to develop his work.

"All of us knew that it was Osho’s work operating trough us. When we relax and not in the mind, only then something can happen. This is the way we learned to become therapists, not by increasing our knowledge through specific skills or abilities, but by becoming a passage and letting things happen by itself."