She studied and worked in the field of psychology and counselling. She is yoga teacher, conscious dance dancer and tango teacher. She studied with various conscious dance teachers, including Gabrielle Roth of the 5Rhythms. She is a trained Open Floor International teacher and the founder of Conscious Dance Italy. It is through movement that she has learned to know herself more deeply, to heal her wounds and to embrace fears, joys, challenges and surprises of life with an open and loving heart. It was the Argentine tango that taught her the delicacy of Tantra and the meeting of two to become one. In her work she uses the creative arts process and integrates different techniques (self-inquiry, letting go, connection, listening, dropping-in and finding the still point) in order to ignite curiosity, to color the way of facilitating and to conduct explorations of movement and dance so that they become a real opportunity for inner research. Her teaching style is heartfelt, fun, clear and transformative. Her passion is to share with others her discovery of how to live a fuller and more authentic life, experiencing mind and body as non-separate entities and love as fuel for the journey to the spirit.