Premartha & Svarup

Swami Anand Premartha is a disciple of Osho since 1979. He studied Arts in Amsterdam, and has been trained as a spiritual therapist at the RIMU, Oregon, USA. Ma Satyam Svarup is a disciple of Osho since 1984. She studied Philosophy and Astrology in Rome, and Psychotherapy with R.D.Laing in London, where she ran one of his theraputic communities for several years. They are lovers, friends and partners, and they have been working together since 1986. Both have been leading the Fresh Beginnings process in Poona, India, and are specialized in Primal and Tantra. Out of their combined love and experience of the work, has grown the TWICE BORN, SCHOOL FOR TRANSFORMATION, which offers a large variety of groups, courses and Trainings. Together, they have written the book TWICE BORN, HEALING THE PAST CREATING A NEW FUTURE, which is published in English, Italian (“Nato due Volte”,ed. URRA), and Turkish ("Ikinci Dogum" ed.MIA, OWO).