End of 2019 in Miasto

//End of 2019 in Miasto
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Would you like to have a New Year’s Eve different from the usual? Join the big party that will take place in Miasto; you will have the chance to partecipate in one of the workshops that will happen from the 24th to the 31st of December and enter in the new year surrounded by friends in the marvelous setting of the commune. Let yourself be pampered by our exquisite vegetarian cuisine and by moments of relaxation in our hot water pool in Miacqua Sagar. Become part of a wonderful melody that will accompany the beginning of 2020.

If you decide to participate in two workshops, there will be a special discount for you. Would you like to know more? Call us or send an email togroupoffice@oshomiasto.it  and book now your end of the year in Miasto.


Sahaj: The Fire of Spontaneity

24 – 26 December 2019 with Magna

An exploration of our ability to express what we feel, reopening to the spontaneous flow of our vital energy.

Meditation Experience

24 – 26 December with Miasto Staff

These 3 days will be a full-immersion into meditation.
This is an opportunity to experience many of the meditation techniques that Osho has given us


The Tao
of Change

28 – 31 DEcember with Siddho and Anurag

Is there a better time than the end of a year, to take some time and create space for change? Life is a continuum, but it is also marked by cycles and stages which must be accepted and understood openheartedly.

New Year’s

28 – 31 dicembre con Nirvano

„New Years Delight“ is an invitation to explore our natural aliveness and sensuality with the support of some wonderful Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua (OBA) Techniques!

Creativity and celebration

28 – 31 December with Niradha

Through dancing, painting, role playing and poetry we will expand our creative life energy and open ourself to go deeper in meditation!

Here are the “goodies” of this New Year’s Eve Zorba The Buddha that will accompany us in celebration in 2020:
an open session of SlLENT SITTING at midnight;
a warm ritual of LETTING GO in the lawn

h 17.00 – Osho Kundalini Meditation
h 18.45 – Osho Evening Meeting
h 20.00 – New Year’s Eve dinner/span>
h 22.30 – Soft Music
h 22.45 / 23.55 – “Creativity and Celebration” with Niradha
h 23.00 / 01.00 – Silent Sitting – open session in Mandir
h 00.00 / 02.00 – Brindisi + Dance Celebration
01.30 – Letting Go Ritual

And for those who stop even the next day …

h 8.00-9.00 – Osho Dynamic Meditation
h 12.00-13.00 – Satsang live music
h 14.45 – Screening of “Ten Thousand Shades of Ocean” a documentary on Lakshen Sucameli’s Osho – in Buddha Hall
h 17.00 – Osho Kundalini Meditation


Part 2: Massage Techniques with two and four hands Breathing Techniques Softening / Melting of the joints Fire Breathing Union with the elements of Fire and Earth – Rhythm and bodily sensations Introduction to the ceremonial smoke – Oceanic facial massage Energy work and breath Meditations Singing and playing music together

Flowing in the Relationship

from 2 (h. 21.30)  to 6 January with Kovida

In this group we will inquiry ourselves about what love is. We will bring to light the many strategies utilized in the nature of relations not just between man and woman but also in friendship, in family relations and in the workplace.

Gurdjieff Sacred Dances

from 2 (h. 21.30) to 6 January with Shurta

Gurdjieff was a deeply compassionate master with a vast knowledge of the human beings. The practical approach he had for working on oneself used both the traditional dances of various esoteric schools and “the spiritual movements” of his own creation.