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We have to change this whole earth into a tremendous festival, and it is possible because man brings all that is needed to transform this earth into a paradise. OSHO – Come, Come, Yet Again Come – Ch. 12, question 2

The Osho Festival was created in Pune in 1999, with the name The Festival. The experience is so beautiful that the Celebrations Office decides to bring the idea of this form of “meditation and celebration” all over the world. Some Italian sannyasin who were present said: “We also do it in Italy!”

Once back in Italy, at the beginning of 2000 a meeting was organized with all the managers of the Centers and it was decided to make the first festival in Varazze, which happened in April of the same year.

From that moment on, organized by Osho Experience / Oshoba, the Osho Festival happened every year, changing locations and moving from Varazze to Riccione and then to Bellaria, near the Palacongressi.

Miasto is a supporting partner of this initiative and is present both with its staff to support the organization and implementation of events, and with a stand to represent the largest commune in Europe and give visibility to the numerous annual activities proposed thanks to the most qualified facilitators in the Osho world. These activities can be experienced during the Festival events and deepened in the Miasto workshops.

Osho said that the Festivals are the most important moments because in those days those who want to grow in awareness and deepen their meditation can happen more than what has happened in their whole life.

I teach you life, I teach you love, I teach you how to sing, how to dance. I teach you how to transform your life into a festival, into a carnival of delight.

OSHO – Come, Come, Yet Again Come – Ch. 6, question 2