End of Year in MIASTO

//End of Year in MIASTO
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Come to Miasto for the End of Year, you can:
– you can participate in one of the three workshops that happen from 27 to 31 December
– learn new things and nourish your spirit
– spending time with positive people who will enrich you
– celebrate with the Miastini the arrival of the new year
– eat healthy, tasty and strictly vegetarian food
– take advantage of the Open moments of Sagar to immerse yourself in a hot water pool to flow in full relaxation

What are you waiting for?! Call us or send an email to groupoffice@oshomiasto.it and book now your year end in Miasto

Light my fire

27 – 31 December with Prashantam

On the special occasion of the New Year this will be a nurturing opportunity to celebrate with beautiful friends in the loving atmosphere of Osho Miasto.

New Year’s Delight

28 – 31 December with Nirvano

An invitation to explore our natural aliveness and sensuality with the support of some wonderful Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua (OBA) Techniques!

Energy is truth

28 – 31 December with Upadhi

Moving with energy brings happiness and bliss, struggling with energy brings us unhappiness.


OBA Fire & Earth Tr. 2

from 2 to 6 January with Nirvano

In this group we will ask ourselves what love is. We will bring to light the various strategies that are used in relating, in the relationship between man and woman, in friendship and in family relationships and in work situations.

Between Me and You

from 2 (h. 21.30)  to 6 January with Kovida

We will explore the possibility of beginning to radically change the approach that quite often makes us frustrated and powerless in a rapport we consider difficult.

The Greatest Gift

from 2 (h. 21.30) to 6 January with Prashantam

The greatest gift you can make to yourself is meditation. The osho meditation techniques have touched millions of people around the world and continue to be the right means to help you live consciously, in love and gratitude to yourself.

Magicabula – winter

from 4 to 6 January with Purnima

Three days of magical experiences for adults and children in the enchanted water of Miasto Sagar. A chance to have fun together, enter into intimacy by meditating with playfulness and lightness.