MIASTO REOPENING 2021-05-10T14:10:01+02:00

A NEW WIND is the wish for this reopening. 

We want to celebrate it with an outdoor party under the sky on May 22nd and 23rd.


COME TO MIASTO to stay during the weekend, with so much joy we will meet again and meditate together in presence.


COMING TO MIASTO NOW MEANS exhibiting a molecular or rapid antigen test resulting negative to C-19 made within the 48 hours before arrival.


The participation to the party is limited, book by filling the form and you will be called back.



Saturday 22nd May: 

h 07.00 OSHO Gibberish 

h 11.00 OSHO No Dimensions

h 15.00 OSHO Nadabrahma

h 17.00 OSHO Kundalini

h 18.45 Evening Meditation

h 21.30 Stop Dance

Sunday 23rd May:  

h 7.00 OSHO Gibberish

h 11.00  Heart to Heart Meditation

h 15.00 Remember Yourself as Light

INFO +39 0577 960124




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