Miacqua Sagar 2021-01-30T15:36:01+01:00

Sagar in Sanskrit language means “ocean” and is a recent space built inside Miasto, consisting of a modern structure with a hot water pool, a well-equipped meditation room, and spaces for individual sessions and relaxation.

Water is what melts and welcomes everything in a deep quiet, naturally activating an immense regenerative process, in which the body feels welcomed and protected and where meditation spontaneously happens.
With the opening of Sagar, Miasto’s program of activities has been enriched with new trainings, workshops, groups and personalized relaxation programs that in addition to daily meditations offer individual work in the water.

The water temperature is 35 ° and the pool measures 10x6m for a depth of 1.20m.

Due to the Covid19 situation, the workshops in water are suspended for moment.


OshoMiasto si trova sulle colline senesi tra fiume e terme, mare e bosco.

La struttura è un antico borgo che ti accoglie nella bellezza della natura della Toscana, costruito su di una collina. Miasto si compone di diversi edifici, ci sono aree comuni dove ci si incontra, dove si tengono le meditazioni, dove si balla, si celebra, si condivide e ci si rilassa.



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