from 30 July 2019 (h 10:00)
to 04 August 2019 (h 16:30)
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The part 1 of the Training concentrates on basic practical and theoretical skills for working in water. It is also a process of discovery, learning to engage the element of water and its healing properties in a playful and relaxed way. In addition to practical skills in Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua techniques in the pool (which you can practice and intensify by giving and receiving sessions), the theoretical process on land helps you consolidate what you have learnt. The environment of the group ...
from 23 August 2019 (h 10:00)
to 25 August 2019 (h 16:30)
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Several theories state that the first forms of life on this planet came from the oceans and then gained a place on the ground. Our body is mostly made of fluids, which supposedly carry the primordial oceanic biochemical imprint. If we go back to the beginning of time we find that man comes from water. The fetus develops in the amniotic water during nine months while it grows, going through and carrying in itself all the evolutionary stages of man. When we dive into water, especially if it is ...
from 20 September 2019 (h 10:00)
to 22 September 2019 (h 16:30)
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Pleasure is to taste a ripe strawberry, to breathe the salty air while the wind caresses your face, to listen with an open heart to the birds chirping, to watch with the wonder of a child's eyes, pleasure is the sun setting behind the mountains. Pleasure represents the primary orientation of life, and expresses itself through the strength of the breath that expands and is amplified during fulfilling experiences. Pleasure is an experience that belongs to the bodily sphere, it is a state of be...
from 01 November 2019 (h 10:00)
to 03 November 2019 (h 16:30)
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Breath is the most precious tool at our disposal to get in touch with the depth of our being, while the water is a vehicles for sensations, an archetypal symbol of emotions and feelings. Breath after breath the body, immersed in warm water, has the opportunity to let go into a gentle floating that potentially leads back to that original state of satisfaction and well-being connected to the first experiences of intrauterine life. Simple watsu techniques will support and contain the experie...
from 06 December 2019 (h 21:30)
to 08 December 2019 (h 16:30)
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A journey into your own emotions, to know them better and to be able to express them boldly and directly. More and more coming into contact with our deepest parts. This will help to be more aware of your own emotional universe. his process will be facilitated by the preparatory activities which will take place on the ground, with the help of bioenergetic exercises, modulated specifically to help you to have a greater connection with the body, with the breath and with your feeling. You will ex...
from 13 December 2019 (h 21:30)
to 15 December 2019 (h 16:30)
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Learn to enjoy your life with the sensuality, aliveness and grace of a dolphin. Trusting, relaxing and letting go is the world of Aquaprana Water Healing. This gentle experience in water, releases and dissolves chronic tensions and is an invitation to your senses to awaken. You refresh, rebalance and rejuvenate your vital powers. You relax your nervous and strengthen your immune system to heal chronic stress and health problems. Soft touch, deep breathing, warm water and tantric meditatio...
from 28 December 2019 (h 10:00)
to 31 December 2019 (h 16:30)
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„New Years Delight“ is an invitation to explore our natural aliveness and sensuality with the support of some wonderful Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua (OBA) Techniques!The Body is a temple, a rich world of energy, sensations and feelings. The combination of meditation, deep water work and flowing massage will allow our bodies to relax, to enjoy our sensual flow and our expression of love. A new intimacy can develop, both within yourself and the other !A sacred water ritual focused on our inte...