from 17 April 2020 (h 21:30)
to 19 April 2020 (h 16:30)
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The voice of water is a path of healing, meditation and celebration. A deep process in which to immerse oneself in exploring the power of water and the voice as elements of purification, nourishment and transformation. Through the connection of sound vibration and water we will be able to access a dimension of intelligence that flows inside and outside our system, opening ourselves to the creative and sacred power that has been given to us. We will create songs and music with the intent to tr...
from 23 April 2020 (h 10:00)
to 26 April 2020 (h 16:30)
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Aqua Tantra® is a unique combination of the water element, with its healing and soothing properties, together with the conscious experimentation of energy and space inside and outside of us. This technique uses the water element to lead you to the tantric, allowing the qualities of fluidity, softness and sensuality, to amplify and purify the memories that emerge, so as not to retain them in the body. Furthermore, it allows us to create a...

from 08 May 2020 (h 21:30)
to 10 May 2020 (h 16:30)
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This workshop is the first step in learning Watsu®, an innovative practice, which combines the principles of the ancient art of Shiatsu, with the effects of water at body temperature. It is above all an experiential group, where the focus is on the pleasure of learning the basics and principles of this natural discipline, a discipline of well-being alternating between land and water. The structure includes moments of individual exploration in the water, aimed at enhancing the sense of aquati...
from 21 May 2020 (h 10:00)
to 24 May 2020 (h 16:30)
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In the sacred aquatic space, we will explore together, as women, our magical connection with the ancient rhythms of the moon. In our sacred circle of the moon we will create moments of sharing and silence and we will honor the beauty of our relationships and our profound devotion to mother earth. Being together in this tribe of the moon will bring regeneration balance and expansion into our lives. The flowing water and the hands on the body will support the journey back to ourselves. Rituals,...
from 03 July 2020 (h 10:00)
to 05 July 2020 (h 16:30)
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Deepen your meditation and for 3 days let go into Miasto' s Warm Water Pool. Take a break from the routines of daily life and come to OSHO Miasto were we have prepared a container to nourish your relationship with spaces of silence, intimacy, relaxation.

To support and deepen the relationship we will be using:

- meditations that OSHO has indicated supportive for couples,
- simple meditation techniques and explorations in water
- tantric meditations both in the...

from 10 July 2020 (h 10:00)
to 12 July 2020 (h 16:30)
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Three days of magical experiences for adults and children in the enchanted water of Miasto Sagar. A workshop for the whole family, based on loving communication, in which both adults and children learn creative ways to relate and communicate what they feel. Ideas to live in harmony with yourself and your children. A chance to have fun together and enter intimacy, meditating with playfulness and lightness, experiencing the living Buddhafield that Miasto is. Funny metaphor exercises, on land a...
from 21 August 2020 (h 10:00)
to 23 August 2020 (h 16:30)
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A workshop dedicated to the discovery of the water dimension, where we will explore the qualities of this element and in which way they influence our body, emotional and mental system. Recent neuroscientific studies and discoveries, as well as environmental psychology and evolutionary biology, have shown how much water has beneficial influences on all our system and in particular on the mind. Even just being near the water arouses a sense of peace, serenity, relaxation and helps to create ...
from 02 October 2020 (h 10:00)
to 04 October 2020 (h 16:30)
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This three-day group is for those who wish to deepen or explore issues related to early childhood.

The primary experiences have a strong influence on the personality, with its attitudes and beliefs towards life, ourselves and others.
We will explore questions related to conception, pregnancy up till birth. Remembering how we were welcomed into life. This is the foundatio of self-awareness and is the key to understanding why we behave the way we behave and why we feel what we...

from 23 October 2020 (h 10:00)
to 25 October 2020 (h 16:30)
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A weekend dedicated to those who want to have a first approach to this form of aquatic bodywork. Over time "on the ground" you will learn the principles and applications of Healing Dance as well as the terminology, communication and anatomy related to the support of the head and pelvis. In the water you will have a direct experience of Healing Dance through a mini session. Here you will be taught the basic principles of aquatic technique, such as the ability to feel the weight and the brea...
from 30 October 2020 (h 21:30)
to 01 November 2020 (h 16:30)
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This workshop is a first step in the learning, Watsu®. It is an innovative practice that combines the principles from an ancient, Shiatsu combined with the effects of water at body temperature. First, this is an experiential group, where the emphasis is on the joy of learning the basics and the principles of this natural discipline of well-being, working both on earth and in water. The structure includes moments in the water with an individual exploration focussing on enhancing the sense of ...
from 02 November 2020 (h 10:00)
to 05 November 2020 (h 16:30)
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This is an intensive workshop in which the learning of Watsu's form will be in perfect communion with the exploration of the various forms of water, a fluid element par excellence, a great Master in her continuous flow, in her continuous becoming. It is aimed at all those who wish to learn Watsu in a context where personal research and meditation are an integral part of the process. From a personal perspective, investigating experiences linked to the water element, offers the opportunity t...
from 27 November 2020 (h 21:30)
to 29 November 2020 (h 16:30)
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Knowing yourself and your inner condominium allows you to understand what are the voices to which we respond every day, what are the hooks and opportunities to which we have rented parts of our Being. The immersion path in the inner palace is dedicated to those who want or need to do cleaning by getting rid of hidden traps, to those who want to look at themselves without the filters of educational alibis. To get out of the beaten path, from living a life, to understanding one's vital potenti...
from 11 December 2020 (h 21:30)
to 13 December 2020 (h 16:30)
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Water by its nature has no form but through the body we will learn the flowing, becoming aquatic form in motion, flexible and connected to the source of life. In the beautiful pool Sagar of Osho Miasto we will have the pleasure to introduce you to Yoga and the shapes of water. A group in which, through the application of gentle methods such as the Tantra Yoga of Kashmir, the Tao Essence Work ® exploration method and the warm water movements of Oceanic Bodywork® Aqua, we will experience a pro...
from 28 December 2020 (h 10:00)
to 31 December 2020 (h 16:30)
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This workshop has been specifically designed to spend the last days of the year, which is about to complete, in a different way, immersed in the Miacqua Sagar hot water pool. The end of the year is a special moment in which we sum up the past year and the seeds are planted for the new year. In a light and at the same time deep form, we will explore how the inner nature and the external world are not separated and everything that happens in the material sphere is only a reflection of our es...