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Osho Miasto is an Institute for meditation and spiritual research immersed in the magnificent nature and beautiful tranquillity of the Siena countryside, which for almost forty years surrounds and gently supports the life and activities of the commune.

Osho Miasto offers a protected place to experiment with different techniques of meditation and artistic and body expression, supported by the constant presence of professional conductors and facilitators and by the space made of silence and friendship that comes from the full manifestation of Master Osho’s vision.

Osho Miasto is also a commune made up of people who work and live permanently within it and who have put growth and inner research at the center of their daily lives and activities, a large family where the sharing of exterior and interior spaces becomes one of the main moments of deep coexistence.

From March to December, the Osho Miasto Institute offers daily meditations and meditation camps, workshops and trainings and experiential programs: at the heart of all activities there is the commitment to make Miasto a place where people can undertake the process of self-discovery, helped and guided in their journey of expansion, exploration and expression, pampered by loving and welcoming spaces and constant beauty that becomes friendship, love and nurture with simplicity and fullness.

Osho Miasto is open to members of CO.N.A.C.R.E.I.S. Since there is no legal entity in Italy that recognizes the Community, Miasto established itself as an Association of Social Promotion (Statute).

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