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The Living the Commune program offers an opportunity to participate for a period from 1 to 4 months in the life and activities of the Commune, experiencing awareness and daily meditation within Osho Miasto.

This program is aimed at those who want to discover a new way of living their day in a creative vision and realization different from that to which we are used to living, a dimension of presence, joy, gratitude and celebration.

The program is intense, requires totality and passion: it involves daily participation in active meditation techniques as well as some daily hours dedicated to work/meditation for the Commune and participation in moments of sharing, where everyone is invited to express their own feelings, the discoveries and complexities that emerge with respect to what they are experiencing.

In Living the Commune friendship flourishes with extreme spontaneity among those who choose this program: you share your daily life with unknown people who in a very short time become a real support for your journey, traveling companions in search.

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