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The Living the Commune program makes it possible to participate for a limited period of time in the life and activities of Osho Miasto, experiencing awareness and daily meditation within the commune.

This program aims to those who want to discover a new way of living activities, in presence and joy, accompanied by numerous moments of sharing and enriched by new encounters in a vision and creative realization that is very different from what we are used to living.

The program, which requires totality and passion, includes, in addition to a few hours a day dedicated to working for the Commune, also some specific meditation techniques. Last but not least, a lot of space is given to sharing, where everyone is free to express their own feelings, their joys or difficulties with respect to what they are experiencing.

The most beautiful part of this program is undoubtedly the friendship that with extreme spontaneity flourishes among those who choose this program: sharing their daily life with unknown people who in a very short time become a real support for their journey, traveling companions and friends

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