We need a good functioning belly feeling (gut feeling): To know who we are in our center helps us in life to stand on our own feet and to meet life with openess and a good feeling selfworth. Also the best decisions we make are based on our gut feeling, our sense in the belly. Our belly feeling gives us clear messages about what we need, what is right for us and what we want to do. If we have learned earlier in life that we need to adjust to the outside completely in order to get loved, we lose the connection to our inner voice from the belly. In order to deny the messages from our belly we built up physical blockages and tensions in the belly, lower back, spine and pelvis. Then it is difficlut to find a full belly breathing, which is the base for deep relaxation. The blockages disconnect us from the hara, the „source of life“ in the belly. If we are centered we can love and meet the other without getting lost and disorientated. We can stay in our own truth without denying ourselves or getting lost in overdone „helping“.The name Hara Awareness® Massage and some instructions for the direction of the work have been given by Osho: Hara is „the center of being“ and „awareness“ means watchfullness as a transformative power.This training is for everybody interested in strengthening their their center, wanting to be more themselves and learning how to regulate stress and emotions. Professionals can learn ways to work on their clients through working on their hara centering.

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Title: Hara Awareness© Bodywork

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Hara Awareness® Bodywork combines soft Shiatsu techniques applied to the whole body with sensitive massage and energy work.
Hara means simply belly in Japanese. Its centre, lying four finger widths below the navel, is described as the source of the universal life force, a magical source of energy within the body. The Japanese samurai use its relaxed power and awareness for sword fighting. We use it for self-healing.
At the Hara, strength, vitality and silence are united. The relaxed vitality and self-assurance of the tiger combined with the consciousness of the Buddha bestow genuine clarity, with which to live and act from the Centre.
Through conscious touch and energy work, we clear from body and mind whatever is inhibiting us from reaching this natural source of our life energy. We find this treasure lying dormant within, and no longer need to seek recognition from without, from others.

Hara Awareness® Bodywork integrates ancient eastern wisdom with western psychological understanding.
Using various massage techniques applied with a soft, sensitive and conscious touch, contact with ones own inner Centre is established.
That vast inner space is discovered, beyond all extremes and polarities, hence stillness, presence and body awareness arise. Consequently one is also able to meet the other from Centre to Centre in deep restfulness and meditation.

Number of modules: 3


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