"Oceanic Bodywork ® Fire and Earth" is a particular synthesis of body work, massage, dance, song, energy work, as well as knowledge of herbs and smoke, who allow themselves to merge in an unusual way. It was inspired by the spiritual master Osho and his views on the relationship between body, mind and spirit, by Kahuna Abraham and the traditional Hawaiian massage of the temple, from the rites of the indigenous peoples and Native Americans, as well as by natural forces. " Oceanic Bodywork ® Fire and Earth " - brings you back to your roots: This body work is a journey back to your roots. It has been developed by Nirvano and Kaya, dancers and musicians. Together they wanted to combine dances of different cultures, rhythmic movements, as well as dynamic and quiet live music, percussion, songs, sounds and quiet , with deep massages, touches delicates and body work and energy. Years of experience gathered in seminars and workshops, as well as intensive studies at the shamans of North and South America have contributed to the development. Massage Techniques and dissolution of articulations that come from the Rebalancing, work energy supplies to different addresses, new outlets massag -ing that we have developed through years of experience and applications shamanic herbs, you leave well combined with Nare the Hawaiian Bodywork, making of "Oceanic Bodywork ® Fire and Earth" an all organic vehicle which can be learned by many people. In a session combine long and flowing lines of massage, deep massage on the connective tissue, melting, rolling joints, wash - ro dynamic power and the laying of volcanic hot stones. Next to the massage with hands - mas will explore, with the forearms and arms. The combination of massage, breathing and dancing, as well as music and song accompaniment arouses in you as a person receiving, memories buried deep in a clean state and leave you immersed in a feeling of being at one with the nature. Back to your roots and you come achieved a deep state of physical and spiritual relaxation.This course of basic training is divided into two parts. Along with learning practical techniques of massage Oceanic Bodywork ® get an understanding of functional anatomy and energy, which helps you to enter into a deeper level of body work. Learn a range of techniques that will support the process of discovering your ancestral capacity of intuition and trust in the wisdom of your heart , into your hands and into your body. We will work during the day and late at night, including the energy of the sun and moon, of the activity and silence , as well as the forces of nature that surround us. Different meditations and songs healers will support you in your process of learning and deepen. This course is a personal process of learning intensive and deep for those who want to rediscover, celebrate and enjoy the body 's vital energy and uniqueness. If you are a bodywork therapist, or music, or dance format, you will discover new aspects of which will take advantage of your work and you will live a moment nutritious and touching.

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Title: Oceanic Bodywork® - Fire & Earth Training

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