The Osho Pulsation Training develops over a three-year course: Basic Training, Advanced Training, Supervision Training.

Osho Pulsation Bodywork is a method of self-exploration and personal growth, which works through the body and the life energy system, to re-claim our natural aliveness and expressiveness.
Pulsation's body-based approach to personal growth is deeply rooted in the revolutionary work of Wilhelm Reich, and is guided by some of the ‘maps' of body energy flow which he discovered.
Techniques using breathing, body movements, and expressive sounds, form a framework to explore the phenomenon of biological tension and release, also his discovery, called the ‘orgasm formula'. Reich's idea was that many psychological problems have their origins in a disturbance of this natural regulatory function of energetic charge and discharge, which governs spontaneous emotional release as well as uninhibited sexual orgasm.

Conditioning and De-Conditioning
Whenever we block a sexual feeling, stuff down our rage, or swallow our tears, we activate a powerful regulatory system in the body which Reich called ‘muscular armour'. The effort to control emotional expression creates a tension in the musculature, which blocks the flow of feeling through the body. Through the unconscious tension of muscular armouring we become ‘cut off' emotionally, fragmented psychologically, and energetically divided against ourselves.
Pulsation restores a sense of wholeness by reclaiming the rejected and disowned feelings which we have pushed down into the unconscious, the ‘basement' of our being. Through deep neo-Reichian breathing and direct ‘hands-on' work to loosen the muscular armour, we tap into emotional, biological, and instinctual layers which connect us with the Life Force itself.
Once the inner pressure of unexpressed emotions is released, a profound relaxation follows, deep into the core. We are able to settle into ourselves more easily in silence and meditation.

Active Meditation
The Pulsation Process is supported by OSHO's Active Meditations like the Dynamic and Kundalini, and others of his meditations, which fit so beautifully with Reich's understanding. Osho designed his Active meditations especially for contemporary men and women, stressed out by hectic lifestyles, to gradually move from the busy periphery to the silent core of being.
Meditation can give wings to the roots we are growing into the earth through our exploration of the body and its feelings. Through Pulsation we become part of the meeting of earth and sky; we learn to accept the whole rainbow of human feeling, from its animal roots in nature, through the human heart, towards the flowering of spirit.
The Osho Pulsation Training is designed as a deeply transformational journey for yourself and as a great way to learn and practice neo-Reichian breath-work practitioner skills.

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Title: Osho Pulsation Training

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Number of modules: 7

Duration: 3 anni

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