Craniosacral Biodynamics is an approach to bodywork based on the principle of the Breath of Life. The Breath of Life is the life force, which connects us to our Being, our core and our inherent Health. It is a therapeutic force expressing itself as a very slow and constant tidal movement. This subtle motion resembles a deep, inner breath and is therefore also called “primary respiration” (PR). Dr Sutherland observed that the motion of PR can be sensed in the whole body. He also witnessed an ordering and organizing principle within its tidal motion, an inherent intelligence of the body-mind. To contact and cooperate with the intelligence of primary respiration for the benefit of the client, a practitioner needs to develop a finely tuned perception, a capacity to listen with the hands and with a compassionate, friendly heart, an open non-judgmental mind and an ability to be patient and still. The trained practitioner can perceive primary respiration and use it as a guide to evaluation and treatment. In this professional training the biodynamic principles and concepts are accurately taught and extensively practiced. The teachings include the biodynamic vision of embryology, anatomy, physiology, additional holistic studies and techniques for trauma resolution. The studies of these subjects have the purpose to provide the student with the necessary tools to recognize and support the expression of the inherent Health of the organism. This training program is for bodyworkers, therapists, and healing professionals. For interested lay people in a time of reorientation. For anyone interested in self-exploration and inquiry through body-mind awareness. And, it is also for craniosacral therapists who want to be trained in the resource-oriented, fluid and potency approach.

Code: TR004

Title: Craniosacral Balancing Training

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Number of modules: 7

Duration: 3 years

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