In Psychic Massage Training you will acquire new skills related to physical contact with a client through massage, energy penetration into the deepest body tissues, and an energy reading of psychological structures that the person carries unconsciously within their body.

Skills can be acquired, but something else is even more important in a Psychic Massage session. It is not a skill because it cannot be “done.” It is relaxation—you relax into your own being, your center, your essence.
Relaxing in this way, you discover as you massage that your essence is calling forth the same essence in the other person, and soon two essences are sharing love, as it is their nature to do that.
By the time you speak about your body reading with the client, they have a sense—clearly or vaguely—that any fixed structure they identified with before does not represent the real self and, through your help, the person can release it from the system.

Code: TR015

Title: Psychic Massage Training

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Number of modules: 6


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