This training outlines the principles of meditative therapy. It gives people in the helping profession or those, who want to work with others, a chance to enhance their skills. It also provides everyone a deep experience how to be present and in a loving space with another person.Because of our past conditioning we often have wrong concepts about love. In this course we learn to move beyond such beliefs and come into a space of deep ‘yes’ to life, towards ourselves and others.True help is without effort, without intention and connects a person to a deeper truth within himself, which leads out of the identification with mind into a state of relaxation and alertness.Participants will practise session giving under supervision and/or have the opportunity to crystallize and dissolve personal problems around life issues, such as relationship, work and meditation.Even though certain techniques, like Gestalt work, will be taught, our approach will not be technique oriented. We learn skills and gain insights that give clarity in many life situations as well as for working with people.Some of the topics we cover are:Communication skills that support self awareness Finding presence in oneself and supporting such states in someone else How and when to encourage emotional expression Recognizing and working with projection, resistance, desire Responding to different clients with flexibility Understanding the dynamics of relationship and the principles of healthy relating Principles of healing traumaText book for the training: "The Zen Way of Counseling: A Meditative Approach of Working with People" by Svagito Liebermeister“The whole life…just a training for how to go back home, how to disappear. Because the moment you disappear, God appears in you. Your presence is God’s absence; your absence is God’s presence.” Osho

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Title: Counseling Skills and Relationship Dynamics Training

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