Healing Shock Master OPH®



CODE: 817

Healing shock Master OPH® is for those who have attended the two modules of the OPH® basic training.

It teaches to work on states of shock through a process that is based on a particular OPH® energy technique of conscious regression which facilitates the dissolution of the trauma and wounds that have been created in the past.

Using OPH® techniques and tools and the related work on the hara, a powerful healing process takes place that fills any black hole with vital energy.

The shock is a black hole in the aura. We experience these holes feeling frozen, paralyzed, lost, cut off, ashamed. Often when we are in shock, we feel shame or guilt. Being affected by shock restricts the ability to think clearly, to feel and to express oneself. Vital energy is limited; its expression in sensuality, creativity, strength and self-esteem is blocked and all this can make us feel hopeless.

In a space of protection and care you will be helped, with competence and empathy, to come into contact with traumas that continue to condition current behaviors and to heal the wounds created in the subtle bodies. Recognizing and healing the trauma will happen at the same time. This healing will allow you a new contact with your center, a liberation and an expansion of your life energy.


Exploration of states of shock; how shock occurs; how to recognize that you are in shock; system adjustment and response symptoms and strategies; reconnecting the energetic and psychic reality to allow understanding and transformation of the shock; how shock and shame limit the natural flow of vital energy.


Traces of emotional wounds in subtle bodies; hara work techniques and transformation methods; regression exercises; centering exercises; OPH® meditation techniques: the gentle awakening; OPH® introduction to trust in feeling; keys to understanding and presence; structure and sequence of an energy session; exchange of sessions.

The “shock healing” method was created 40 years ago in the Osho ashram in Puna.

Healing Shocks Master OPH®- single module

Through the use of OPH® and related work on the hara takes place a powerful healing process that bridges the vital energy of any holes blacks.