Tantric Pulsation Training

DURATION: 2 anni





Tantric Pulsation Training is a four-module course addressed to the people who have already experienced Pulsation’s works. It is a Training to specifically deepen the work of Tantric Pulsation with practical experiences and theoretical teachings.

Focusing on the bioenergetic work of Wilhelm Reich and on Osho’s tantric meditations, we will learn to welcome and experiment the precious qualities of loving presence, silence, non- doing, sensitivity, compassion and acceptance in our intimate meetings with the other.

A soft, powerful and deep process to slow down, shifting awareness from the busy, thinking mind and the world outside towards an inner space much more connected to the feeling and grounded into the body and the breath.

Although it works with our vital energy, which is often called “sexual energy”, Tantric Pulsation is not about sex, rather about the waking up and the exploration of the different qualities that flow into the body and into the chakras, from the animal, instinctual roots, through the human expressions of the heart, to the more subtle realms of silence and meditation.

Participation in the training might be purely for self-experience and personal growing or to learn to lead Tantric Pulsation events for singles or couples.

“Tantra is alchemy, it can transform your centers, those of the other, can create rhythm and harmony between you and your beloved”.  OSHO

Tantric Pulsation Training 1

A delicate, powerful and profound process, but soft, which takes place through work on the body and the vital energy that flows through…

Tantric Pulsation Training 2

In the second part of the Training, Pulsation Bodywork will help us to recontact the body to bring it back to its natural flow of energy and vitality…

Tantric Pulsation Training 3

The third module is for those whowant to leanr how to lead Tantric Pulsation events. By creating meditations, leading structures and…

Tantric Pulsation Training 4

The last module includes the participation in a 5-days Tantric Pulsation workshop. This experience will give to the future teachers a…