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Returning to the source is to get back to yourself. Have you ever asked yourself where do you come from? Or … where are you going? Or… what are you doing with your life? And yet it is in the answers to such questions that you find your own self-appreciation and self-love. But also, the motivation and power to create the successful and happy life that you deserve.

Often, we are given answers and collective social beliefs that do not consider your unique individual being and we take them for granted. Like never before these are times of highest energy, of chaos and confusion, of considering new goals and letting go of unfulfilled expectations and therefore right time for individual awakening.

There is a challenge to be taken that invites you to refocus on your basic desires and aspirations. Return to the one within yourself where your own truth waits to be recognized and expressed. Yes! ... This is the time to aim for a life quality of love, happiness and harmony within yourself and with the world around you.

Returning to the source is a workshop that uses active and quiet meditations, together with self-awakening techniques that will teach you ways how to be clear about your life choices in celebration of your own unique identaty.

You will have also opportunities for sharing with partners and of q.&a. for better integration. 


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