Animali Totem nella ruota di medicina

La ruota di medicina è il cerchio della vita

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Themes: explore the emotions, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy,

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According to Amerindian tradition, the medicine wheel was the primary method to explain existence, a way to improve the power and the value our life. A power circle that develop many functions, a map that leads to our inner self, to the divine that lives inside us and that help us to understand the real purpose of life; an instrument to get in tune with psychic energies of the Earth and with the invisible forces of nature, a laboratory of research and experimentation of the methaphysical world.
Medicine wheel is a teaching support and a learning program that brings to light the hidden meaning of some of the most profound mysteries of life. In the medicine wheel there are four paths, every path is a gateway to a direction, an element, a color, a season, a totem animal, an aspect of life.
In this workshop we will start an inner journey walking on each path exploring the medicine that each totem animal rapresent. This journey will be a valid help to learn, understand, transform and grown in awareness.
The Medicine Path is a road that allows us to find harmony, balance and beauty in the environment that surrounds us and with the different forms of life around us.


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