Reconnecting to the innate principle of pleasure

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20 September 2019
(h 10:00)
22 September 2019
(h 16:30)
3 days
Pleasure is to taste a ripe strawberry, to breathe the salty air while the wind caresses your face, to listen with an open heart to the birds chirping, to watch with the wonder of a child's eyes, pleasure is the sun setting behind the mountains. Pleasure represents the primary orientation of life, and expresses itself through the strength of the breath that expands and is amplified during fulfilling experiences. Pleasure is an experience that belongs to the bodily sphere, it is a state of being that involves all senses and opens for us a door towards the divine. In order to be able to feel totally and embody the pleasure of living, is useful to free oneself from tensions and thus to fully live the present moment. Water will be for us the amplifying element of our feeling: immersed in its arms, our skin is caressed and touched and a multitude of pleasant sensations are absorbed by our system. This sense of liquid pleasure expands the perception of the boundaries of our body, dissolving resistance and tensions and making space for a natural sense of satisfaction and merging with oneself and the other. When the water is charged with loving energy and deep healing, this message is transported and conveyed through our internal fluids to all our cells, and even deeper to the point of nurturing the soul of intimate trust. The focus of this group is to bring you back to the discovery of the source of pleasure that abides within you, to open yourself to a more luxuriant and creative life.

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