Aqua Tantra®

Intro Skydancing

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23 April 2020
(h 10:00)
26 April 2020
(h 16:30)
4 days

Aqua Tantra® is a unique combination of the water element, with its healing and soothing properties, together with the conscious experimentation of energy and space inside and outside of us. This technique uses the water element to lead you to the tantric, allowing the qualities of fluidity, softness and sensuality, to amplify and purify the memories that emerge, so as not to retain them in the body. Furthermore, it allows us to create and enhance the awareness and experience of the energy flowing into the space of the body, as well as the subtle connection we have with ourselves and with existence. Through it all, the magic of transformation and healing occurs naturally. It could allow you to access and experience states of ecstasy and happiness, providing you with the tools to preserve and bring your experience, insights and wisdom into your daily life.

«Double polarity» module:
Our way of relating to life is expressed in duality, creating opposite polarities. A lack of natural flow within this polarity brings rigidity and disconnection of aspects of the self from which judgments, prejudices and attachments emerge. This seminar could allow you to discover new aspects of yourself in an atmosphere of trust, security, respect, kindness and warmth guided by professional and expert facilitators. We will consciously explore aspects of inner polarity ("yin / yang", "Shiva / Shakti") and external polarity (I / the other).

We aim to learn how to connect and treat our body with respect, recognizing it as our true temple and activating its self-healing potential; to acquire awareness of our place in the world, of our limits and boundaries through the interactive experience of the body inside and outside the water; to explore the inner polarity related to life (energy and awareness) and the aspects related to it through the body; to experiment and regain a natural flow and a profound connection with yourself through different practices, such as rooting, alignment, centering, focusing and self-regulation; to explore external polarity and its flow through gender aspects, relationships and contact with nature; to develop feelings of conscious flow, holding and letting go within you and in your daily life.

Aqua Tantra® is for those who want to discover Tantra for the first time, as well as for those experts who want a gradual, relaxing and sensual approach both on land and in water. Regardless of your beliefs, sexual orientation, if you are single or in relationship, you are all welcome!

Aqua-Tantra® could open the way for you to reach a fulfilled life, to relate to your loved one, others and the world, as well as help you find your answers to aspects of your daily life.

Aqua Tantra® is considered an introduction to the SkyDancing Tantra Work.



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