Freeing the original Matrix

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During the primary experiences of our life, we have experienced a sort of dreamlike state, a state of openness and relaxation towards life. The first bodily sensations we felt in our life are linked to fluctuation, to floating and living in suspension in an environment where every need of ours is fulfilled in real time. Once we leave the womb, all the basic needs begin to undergo a series of priorities dictated by the surrounding environment and the family of origin. Our original matrix of trust meets the imprinting imposed by society and family. This is how it happens that we begin to deny, control and judge our own needs. Disconnecting from our feelings, we learn and adopt strategies that distance us from our true essence and do not allow us to be who we really are. By becoming aware of the strategies we apply around our needs, we can reconnect with ourselves and our true feelings, regardless of the world that surrounds us. Water, with its unconditional support, becomes a welcoming and caring container, where it is possible to experience again the original trust, allowing it to surface again. This is the secret of recognizing our true value and living in full satisfaction who we really are, feeling worth to receive love.

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