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Themes: explore the emotions, rebalance the body, tecniche di meditazione, free yourself from conditionings, relax,

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This three-day group is for those who wish to deepen or explore issues related to early childhood.

The primary experiences have a strong influence on the personality, with its attitudes and beliefs towards life, ourselves and others.
We will explore questions related to conception, pregnancy up till birth. Remembering how we were welcomed into life. This is the foundatio of self-awareness and is the key to understanding why we behave the way we behave and why we feel what we feel.

During the seminar we will explore these questions with exercises “on land”, alternating with experiences in the warm water of Miacqua Sagar. Warm water, combined with floating experiences and deep breathing sessions can easily bring up memories from the phases lived in the womb.
The process will be supported by breathing techniques, regressions, experiences that helps entering the body memories that were formed when you came into the world. Osho’s Active Meditations are a fundamental part of the process.

Going back to these primary experiences gives you the opportunity to melt and let go of beliefs that limit the expression and manifestation of the self. It is possible to experience a rebirth in an atmosphere of trust and acceptance. With this new perspective you will be able to make new choices without being conditioned by the past.

The course is open to everyone and no previous experience is requested. Participants will be asked to fill in a questionnaire for self-reflection. Each individual AquaPrimal Experience gives the opportunity to explore specific issues related to different stages of the child's development and can be done separately.

At the same time, the complete structure of the three modules (Discovery - Imprinting - Birth) is created to provide a complete process that, when attended in its entirety, explores important aspects of self-development. Specially, this group can be considered as the completion of the whole process.


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