Astrologia Karmica

La scienza dell'evoluzione dell'anima

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Where do I come from, what is my purpose, where can I realize myself? Astrology is not a new science that needs to be developed, but a science that was once very advanced. The Mysticism of Reincarnation is the keystone that always has fascinated every spiritual seeker. It seeks answers from a certain perspective: the Evolution of the Soul coming from previous incarnations to the present Now, to this Life. It does so by studying the Astrological Birth Chart, given by the position of the Planets, of the Zodiac Signs and certain aspects at the moment of each person’s birth or situation: Karma, the sum of the actions of the past, and Dharma, the new direction. Seeing this as a journey through time, is a way to go in depth, to discover what leads to the repetition of attitudes in order to be able to get new answers and take new actions and to be able to make changes. It is a Meditation, a way to bring our attention to the Present, trusting one's intuition and wisdom in order to understand one's destiny, aligned with the Laws of Life and the ability to choose. In this workshop we will discover the Mandala of our Astrological Birth Chart, the image that represents our individuality and lines out our Life project: resources, challenges, potential. We will study the basic elements of Karmic Astrology to be able to read and interpret a Birth Chart: Karmic Models The Dominants of the Elements Karmic Configurations and Laws The Intercepted Signs and the Moon Nodes The Houses and their importance Chiron. The Inner Healer The Retrograde Planets This seminar is theoretical - practical, it’s open to everyone, both beginners and experts in Astrology. Experiential Astrology Laboratories, Guided meditations, Symbolic Cards, breathing techniques, the use of colors and the practice of sounds will make this experience a journey of discovery and magic…to open a doorway that offers you the opportunity to fully understand your Direction in Life. Requirements: when registering, it is necessary to give the Date of birth, Time and Place (City-Nation) Each participant will receive his Birth Chart and will be able to explore its main aspects in Karmic Key


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