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If, in your going through life, you feel to be stuck, stop and look up. The sky takes you a map, thanks to which you will find way your path in the vast territories of life. Then follow the route, learn from the Four Elements in which humans moves. Meet the Luminaries in you: the Sun and the Moon. Find the Ascendant, the mask in which you move, the Lunar Nodes will respond to your request about where you are coming from and where you are going. Your map is revealed through the intuition you will have on yourself meeting the I-self in many levels In a process of individuation, as the one walked from the contemporary human being, to understand the zodiac with its archetypes and myths helps to solve or dissolve problems in an autonomous way. Then we can go back, consciously, to the multiplicity, to the Whole, is no longer time for Medium: know yourself and take responsibility for what you are and what you do. The journey is supported by dance, song, Mantra and Circular Breathing, through silence; it keeps the contact with the Inner Witness awake, your own awareness.

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  • Gila has a background as an artist and has been an actor since 1980 and with Osho since 1982. She...

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