Celebrate Yourself

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You deserve all love that you wish, but to deserve it you have to want it. Are you really available to challenge yourself to achieve what you want? This is the chance to learn how to look for, to create, situations of love and joy that you need in your daily life. You need to feel that this search is an healing process. It is not because you are ill, it is because really, each time you expected love you received pain, it was a traumatic situation. Each trauma has taken away power, trust, ability, in expressing that, what you want is love and it has weakened your forms of expressing "I do not want pain!”. Naturally also in celebrating yourself. In this event you could find the keys that will support you in your search and to live a space of a real celebration of your being."First step: the buddha comes behind you as a presence - very tangible, you can feel it. You can feel its fragrance, its power; it fills you with great cheerfulness. Second step: the buddha comes in front of you; you become the shadow. And slowly the shadow starts disappearing. Third step: you are no more. Not even a shadow is left, only buddha remains, a transparent consciousness, an eternal life. Those who come to this experience are the real people who can celebrate life. I celebrate myself. And I want you all to celebrate yourself. Become a dance, become a song. Become a lotus, become a spring.” OSHO

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  • Prashantam, a.k.a J.M.P. de Matos Born in Portugal 1949 Initiation from OSHO on 16th December 1...

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