Celebration in silence

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11 December 2020
(h 17:00)
13 December 2020
(h 16:30)
3 days

Vipassana Retreats with Azima are open spaces where everyone can experiment him/herself like they cannot make in daily life.
Silence is energy and when you will gather a certain amount of energy, you will let it flow into celebration, nothing will be planned and everything will happen in the moment.
We will start with Osho Dynamic Meditation in the morning and we will go on with Vipassana sessions lasting different timings, not fixed because they will be lasting on the basis of the group behavior. During the day, especially in the evening, we will experiment some hypnosis techniques of Osho to help the unconscious to accept more and more silence and emptiness; techniques which uniquely help to go deeper into meditation.
After practicing for decades different intensive meditation techniques of Osho and from Tibet, Azima doesn’t follow rigid structures, but leaves events flowing with spontaneity. The group is for those who want to let go of their personality and experiment themselves in joy.
To participate it is better to have experienced Osho’s Active Meditations in other workshops or retreats.
Apart from Vipassana and Hypnosis techniques we will experiment Osho Dynamic Meditation and the Tibetan techniques of visualization.


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