The Feminine Body of the Divine

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Themes: explore the emotions, strengthen your resources,

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08 November 2019
(h 21:30)
10 November 2019
(h 16:30)
3 days
In this group we bring by hand those women who want to explore the vast territories of the female, in a residential weekend dedicated to themselves. We propose a work with techniques of autobiography that allow us to observe the experience from a non-daily and not identified perspective, through the memories of the body, the emotions, the mind, with a zoom on the female organs and conditioning. The breath of rebirthing helps to sustain, at every level, the continuum of the journey to integrate the history of life in the present, without apnoeas or fractures. Osho meditations, dance, singing, the use of the body, creativity are the means, the welcome of Miasto is the home, the direction is towards pacification.

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