Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training 6

Antidotes for stress and trauma


Themes: body work,

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03 October 2022
(h 10:00)
09 October 2022
(h 16:30)
7 days

The orientation towards health is our guide to work with the functions of the NS. We will introduce theories of interpersonal connection and the different models of brain function. Communication models for regulation through interaction will be practiced.
Verbal approaches will be examined to develop awareness of one's feelings, necessary for the resolution of trauma-related issues. The tools practiced will be very useful in everyday life to develop our communication, contact and self-regulation skills.
- Interpersonal neurobiology
- The triune brain
- The psycho-physiology of trauma
- Trauma resolution skills
- Polyvagal theory
- The social nervous system
- Practice of verbal communication skills
- The tide as an antidote to trauma

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