Craniosacral Balancing 3

The matrix of health and individual history

Category: training/formation,

Themes: rebalance the body, rebalance energy,

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The main subject of seminar 3 is the exploration of the different midlines and their relevance in organizing and maintaining unity and wholeness. In the practice sessions we develop skills and tools to support resolution of patterns and strains of the spine and the fascia system. Participants learn to guide a state of balance of tissues and fluids, supporting the expression of health. The biodynamic view, which treats the individual and not the symptom, allows the organism to resolve its issues in a holistic way.
Contents - Natural and inertial fulcra - State of Balance - Embryonal development of the spine - Relationship between dural tube, spine and cranium - Relationship occiput, atlas, axis - Horizontal fascia layers - Inherent treatment plan

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