Biodinamica Craniosacrale® Training 3

The matrix of health and individual life history

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Themes: rebalance the body, rebalance energy, rebalance energy,

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04 December 2021
(h 10:00)
10 December 2021
(h 16:30)
7 days

Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training is a profound and respectful method of working on the body. At the base of the organization of the human organism there is a source of perennial health, a Vital Breath that is continuously regenerating and manifests itself in the body through the craniosacral system.

The Vital Breath can be perceived as a very subtle motion, not related to pulmonary breath, but related to a fluid motility permeating and moving within the structures providing vital energy: we will learn to perceive and cooperate with the different tides of the Vital Breath.

The state of health and its organizing forces are always available, even in most the difficult of circumstances: the operator can call on these forces and trust them to work in a specific and deep manner on the client’s organism.
The teaching is enriched by sharing, exercises of conscious movements, visualizations, creative activities and Osho’s active meditations.

The work with trauma (Peter Levine) and the comprehension of prenatal psychology and of birth phenomena in the context of essential qualities (Ray Castellino e Faisal Muqaddam) has become an integral part of this work.

The program, in 7 seminars of 7 days each, allows a spread of information and teaching over time, to give space to feedback and supervision, to absorb the material and to deepen the experience.
The Training is open to both professional body workers and to those who are interested in an experience of deep contact and healing.

For the complete description of the training:

Module 3: The Carrying Core

The median line is an element of organization and maintenance of the entire system according to the embryonic model. In practice sessions, palpation and tools to promote the action of the health forces are developed in the issues of inertia and difficulties in the spine and the fascial tissues. Particular attention is given to the birth process in relationship to the occiput and the cervical vertebrae.


Topics covered in module 3:

  • Evaluation and resolution tools
  • Health forces and individual history
  • Natural fulcrums and fulcrums of inertia
  • The state of local and systemic balance
  • Embryonic development of the spine
  • Relationship between the dural tube, spine and cranium
  • The occipital triad: occiput, atlas, axis
  • Horizontal fascia layers
  • Dynamic quiet processes
  • The inherent treatment plan, part 2


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