Craniosacral Biodynamic® Training 5

Pharyngeal arches and the viscerocranium, Meeting the world

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Themes: rebalance the body, body work,

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25 July 2022
(h 10:00)
31 July 2022
(h 16:30)
7 days

Craniosacral Balancing® is a method of working on the body, deep and of great respect.

At the base of the organization of the human organism there is a source of perennial health, a Vital Breath that is continually renewed and that is manifested in the body through the craniosacral system. The Vital Breath can be perceived as a very subtle motion that does not refer to pulmonary breathing but to a fluid motility that permeates and mobilizes the structures bringing vital energy; we will learn here to perceive and cooperate with the different tides of the Vital Breath.


The state of health and its organizing force are always available even in the most difficult circumstances: the operator can recall these forces and rely on them to work with the client's body in a specific and profound way.

The teaching is enriched by sharing, conscious movement exercises, visualizations, creative activities and Osho’s meditations.

Peter Levine's trauma work, understanding prenatal psychology and birth phenomena in the context of essential qualities (Ray Castellino and Faisal Muqaddam) are an integral part of the work.

The program structured in seven seven-day seminars allows information and teaching to be distributed over time, giving space to feedback and supervision, absorbing the material and deepening the experience.

The workshop is open to both bodywork professionals and those interested in an experience of profound contact and healing.

In this module we will explore the laws of the tidal sphere and the expressions of the long tide.
We will work with the phenomenon of ignition as a process of manifestation of the vital spark and with the motility of the central nervous system and the ventricular system. We will also deepen the anatomy of the face and its structure.


Topics of Module 5:

- Embryonic development of the ventricular system and pharyngeal arches
- The viscerocranio
- The stomatognathic system: structure, functions and principles of work
- Relationship between the various structures of the viscerocranium, mobility and motility
- Resolution of viscerocranium inertia patterns
- The tidal field and the long tide
- Motility of the central nervous system and ventricular system
- The third ventricle and the ignition process


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