From Chaos to Cosmos: Encounter with the Tarot

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Encountering the Tarot means making friends with powerful symbols and universal archetypes. Like card no. 0 of the Major Arcana, the Fool, we already have the four sacred symbols in our being, even if, often, in the storms of our lives we forget them.

In this workshop we will resume the thread with the innocence of the heart, opening a space in our most intimate thoughts, gathered among a myriad of voices borrowed from others, voices that are not our true will. We will activate the creative part of our brain, we will invite the vision to come and find us, we will play with cards until we discover unexplored spaces of intuition. We will expand our awareness by letting ourselves be guided by exemplary symbols that are connected to the cosmos. By entrusting ourselves to something greater than ourselves we will be able to access a new type of knowledge: the innate wisdom of the heart, which by its nature always opens up new paths. We will know the meanings of the Major Arcana, we will take a look at the Minor Arcana, and we will learn some games.
To participate you need to bring a tarot deck, preferably Rider Waite.

The three daily meditations with Osho's active techniques will be an integral part of the process and will help us clear our thoughts so as to access that empty space from which the intuition of the heart is born.

At the end of the group the participants will be able to do a complete Tarot reading.
Together with those who, after this workshop, can stop in Miasto on the evening of August 1st, we will create a small magical way, in which we will offer tarot sessions to those who wish.

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