Dancing in stillness

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Too often meditation is perceived as “serious” business, something that will require an overhaul to your life, a lifestyle or career change, new friends, learning Sanskrit and preparing for long bouts of solitude. It certainly can feel serious when we first step onto the path of self-discovery. It can be intimidating to be in a room full of seasoned sitters. Meditation need not be this way. Meditation is simply finding ways to relax with what IS within our bodies, our minds, our emotions. We can learn to infuse meditation in HOW we move through life. Our society is moving full speed ahead and when we take time to pause, we can at first be flooded with feelings of frustration, sadness, loss, confusion and even anger all of which can keep that train in perpetual motion. Conscious movement and dance, the sensate body, creative play and active meditations are all ways that can assist us to calibrate the brakes of our moving worlds. In this way we can live a more balanced life, of action and non-action, without losing anything at all, in fact, we can reclaim our whole self and can respond to life appropriately, less reactive, but with more ease and heart. In this group we pair movement and stillness as two complementary methods in which to work. There are important reasons why we have chosen to do this: it is not easy for many of us to go into a static posture without having some prior opening for the body, especially considering that many of us lead very sedentary lives and that can create energetic stagnation. In this group we will experience a variety of meditation techniques that will ground our experience, center us in the present moment and support our body-mind as we move from fixed to fluid states of being. At the heart of this event are guided explorations through movement and dance as well as sitting in silence, walking mindfully, watching, active listening, witnessing and sharing. Open to anyone interested in deepening a connection with themselves. No previous experience necessary.

"There is a still point within you where nothing ever moves. Nobody is there, just stillness, but that stillness is the dance and that stillness is the music. And the moment you have heard that music, a great fountain bursts forth, you become a dance yourself, you become a song yourself." OSHO


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