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Tantra for couples is an online workshop with Dhairya and Anjori to deepen intimacy. The relationship is like a garden. We need to continually nurture this inner garden. We often get lost in our daily activities, we give priority to solving our daily life issues. We often postpone the care of our garden. All gardens need care, attention, nourishment, sun, rain ... and much more.

Two meetings of 3 hours each:

Saturday 16 January from 4pm to 7 pm

Sunday 17 January from 10am to 13pm

Tantra is a wonderful tool, because we don't really have to do much, just use the keys it provides. Tantra is an energetic approach to life: we learn to say yes to life. We learn to say yes to our differences in the relationship, rather than fight them because  we experience them as obstacles.

Tantra teaches us that even in differences we can meet and become one. It helps us to open up where, perhaps, we have bttention, nourishment, sun, rain ... and much more.egun to close.

Usually, in our relationships, we try to find depth by solving problems with a psychological approach. Tantra offers something different. It requires an energetic approach: it offers tools, called circulations and meditations, that support the flow of energy between two partners. They are tools that bring silence. And, from silence, love and compassion naturally flow. A new trust emerges that gives us the strength to share, where we usually hold back, give up, keep quiet because we feel intimidated or blocked.

Tantra for couples is not a one-time affair. It is a constant practice in which we continually remember to take care of our garden.

During these 2 days you will be accompanied to experience:

 - connecting with each other energetically (instead of our usual connection that mainly happens through our personality)

 - exploring male/female polarity

 - charging our energy system

 - various tantric practises and meditations

 - a tantric approach to life

 - tools and exercises for your lovemaking

You will have tastes of how:

 - you can have more intimacy

 - sexuality can become more playful and more meditative

 - it is possible to shift from performance to relaxation

 - more trust and courage can grow in the relationship

 - to find more clarity

There will be moments for questions and sharing

Even though this online workshop will happen in your private home, we recommend that you reserve this time only for the two of you. Have somebody to take care of the kids (if you have kids), no other appointments and putting your mobile phone on flight mode etc, so you create a protected space for the two of you.

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