Drum, Dance, Sing & Meditate

A full immersion into the rhythm

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Themes: rebalance the body, tecniche di meditazione, strengthen your resources, rebalance energy, young people, relating,

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19 June 2020
(h 15:00)
21 June 2020
(h 16:30)
3 days

Drum, Dance, Sing & Meditate! A full immersion into the pleasure and the power of rhythm supported by the magic of meditation. A drum and percussion journey full of understanding, surprises and a lot of joy. A reconnection to one’s own equilibrium, vitality and inner rhythm. An expansion of our ability to celebrate life together with others. We will learn to tune into each other through rhythm with interactive dialogue, expressing melodies and rhythmical songs that arise from improvisation and, increasingly refining our listening, we will start enjoying the “sound” of silence when listening to music. We will play in a wild, intimate, light, powerful, delicate, velvety, enchanted way, discovering the magic of the rhythmical flow, in a circle, to finally being captured by the silence of meditation.

This experience will bring us an unexpected and profound sense of well-being, thanks to the therapeutic power of the facilitated Drum Circle, which we will explore in different ways. And with immense joy, we will express ourselves more and more starting from our essential qualities, reinforcing their presence within us. The circle is not only about the rhythm of drums but also voice and movement, so we will also celebrate with voice and dance. In the magic of Miasto we will integrate our experience with Osho’s meditations, learning to observe and enjoy the effectiveness of the rhythms of the techniques he created. This group is open to everyone, beginners, experienced musicians, young and old, and lovers of celebration, no prerequisite is required. In a facilitated Drum Circle, in fact, everyone finds his/her place, the right place to express him/herself with satisfaction, beyond musical skills.

Rhythm as a vehicle for wellness and meditation.

Throughout our day, we live immersed in rhythmical systems that cross with each other, inside and outside. Breath, heartbeat, rhythmical space between thoughts, waves of emotions, states of consciousness, everything happens in a rhythm, our talking, eating, walking, listening, making love, working, acting and resting. When we lose contact with our inner rhythm, we literally “malfunction”. When “we are in the rhythm” everything happens at the right time, in relationship and synchronicity with everything else. We feel the rhythm, we enjoy it and, from this space, we creatively influence our relationships and the environment, bringing an abundance of qualities, joy and friendliness to what surrounds us. Then, when we return to the space of non-action and rest, silence is a great delight.

Through rhythmical awareness, we can re-establish a healthy relationship with ourselves and with the world surrounding us, and we can express ourselves more spontaneously and creatively. The surrounding sounds become rhythmical sources. Everything we hear, becomes a source of strength, a resource to lean on, and silence becomes the carpet that supports creation. Enjoying more and more the rhythmic alternation between sounds and silence, the witness of meditation emerges giving us that profound joy that cannot be described. During this weekend we will use facilitated Drum Circle, dance, Body Percussion, Circle Singing and Osho’s meditation techniques.


In life everything is a rhythm. Only in death are things absolute and there is no rhythm. In life there is a rhythm – the day comes and then the night. Heraclitus says: “God is summer and winter, day and night, hunger and satiety, life and death.” Life is a rhythm, a constantly vibrating phenomenon between two polarities.”

“Silence alone is not very beautiful, sound alone is not very beautiful, but the meeting of sound and silence is very, very beautiful - that is music”

“A musician can easily become a meditator, he is very close. There is nothing closer to meditation than music - wordless, meaningless, but tremendously significant”

“To be able to celebrate life is religion. In that very celebration you come close to God. If one is able to celebrate, God is not far away; if one is not able to celebrate life, then God does not exist for him. God appears only in deep celebration, when you are so full of joy that all misery has left you, all darkness has left you. When you are so full that there is no emptiness in you, that you have started feeling the significance of the ordinary, day-to-day existence, when moment to moment you live totally, intensely, passionately, then God is available.”